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Fit For Birth & Beyond

With Harmony Boeh, RD, CPT

I am a certified personal trainer and perinatal exercise specialist. My passion is empowering and enriching the lives of women in all phases of motherhood through a strong and focused mind + body connection.

Newborn Baby with Mom

Fit For Birth & Beyond

Knowledge is power.

We are told that pregnancy equals being tired, cranky, and eating for two.

We are told that motherhood means we will forever cross our knees when we sneeze.

We are told that the common and uncomfortable physical changes that occur during our transition into motherhood are both inevitable and irreversible. 

But what if we knew that simply re-patterning our movements could vastly improve our experience on this journey?

Fit For Birth and Beyond is designed to restore and strengthen a mother's mind + body connection through all phases of motherhood. 


What I Can Do For You

Pregnant Woman

Pre-pregnancy to 40 weeks:
Prenatal Strength, Conditioning, and Birth Prep

What if your pregnancy and delivery could be easier?

Fit For Birth & Beyond Moms can experience:

Fewer aches + pains associated with pregnancy 

Improved sleep + energy + mood

Healthier weight gain

Reduced risk for Gestational Diabetes

Shorter time in spent in labor

Decreased need for medical + surgical  interventions (i.e. Pitocin, C-section)

Shorter recovery time following birth

Typical session includes:

Foundational core belly breath + Diaphragmatic activation

Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation) Prevention

Pelvic floor balance (prepare to push + reduce risk for prolapse)

Strength + endurance training

Labor training 

Restorative stretch


Birth to the first 6 weeks:
Gentle Postpartum Period

"I just gave (vaginal/c-section) birth and my doctor says no exercise for at least 6 weeks."

The immediate postpartum period is a crucial time for rest and repair. A trusting and transparent partnership with your physician is equally valuable.  And despite the doctor's orders to heal and rest, many moms must attempt to recover while also returning to work, completing daily household chores, and tending to a newborn. Fit For Birth & Beyond recognizes the need for moms to be able to safely navigate the physical tasks of caring for themselves & baby with correct form. I combine functional, healing movements with emphasis on proper alignment.  With the unique circumstances of each mother's birth story in mind, many Fit For Birth mothers can begin gently activating their core on day one.


Typical  Gentle PP session:

Gentle core belly breath + diaphragmatic activation

Assess for Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation)*

Soft pelvic floor re-connection + balancing (reduce pelvic discomfort, vaginal heaviness)**

Controlled+ functional body weight movements

Restorative stretch


6 weeks Postpartum & Beyond:

It's about more than just mom jeans. 

Maybe you feel like you need to "get your body back" soon after pregnancy. Fit For Birth & Beyond does not promise you'll "Get in your pre-pregnancy jeans in 6 weeks!" However, I wholeheartedly guarantee to reconnect you, strengthen, and tone the wonderfully powerful body you already have. 

Fit For Birth & Beyond Moms can experience:

Increased total body muscle strength + tone 

Improved core and pelvic floor control + integrity

Reduced aches + pains related to delivery or recovery

Better sleep +Increased energy

Reduced risk for postpartum depression

Stress relief

Typical 6 weeks+ PP session includes:

Foundational core belly breath + Diastasis Recti Repair

Pelvic floor balancing

Functional strength + endurance training

Restorative stretch

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Private small group training

Find the power in numbers.

Gather up your mom friends and bring along baby for a great sweat! Fit For Birth & Beyond small group training is based on the fundamentals of one-on-one training in a more relaxed & social atmosphere. Come for the fun challenge, the camaraderie, and the post-workout glow. 

Typical small group workout includes:

Foundational core belly breath + Diphragmatic activation

Diastasis Recti Support

Pelvic floor balancing

Functional strength + Supermom Cardio Training

Restorative stretch


Where to find me

Pre + Postnatal Fitness

10-1045 Tuesdays/Thursdays- Prenatal

11-1145 Tuesday/Thursdays- Postnatal

Ignited Life, Whole Person Fitness

928 N. Ferndon Blvd, Crestivew, Fl

Making a human (pregnancy) and chasing a tiny human (momlife) can be challenging. My training provides strength and conditioning to keep you energized, fit, fast, and on your feet.

Workouts are designed with consideration to the physical changes that come along with pre-and postnatal bodies, including abdominal splitting and changes to mom's pelvic floor. Say goodbye to the pee sneeze, mama!

Seasoned athletes and exercise newbies are all welcome.

Also....Babies. Classes are baby & breastfeeding friendly. While there is no daycare available, moms are free to bring baby along as needed.

Book your spot using the MindBody app


Fit For Birth & Beyond Testimonials

Holding Tummy

"I highly recommend Harmony’s Fit For Birth private classes. 
Harmony has completely changed the way I’ve been working out during my pregnancy. I now can exercise safely using my belly breath to support my aching back. My back pain has diminished significantly. Harmony has also guided closing of my extreme diastasis from my first pregnancy. She has coached me in workouts for labor training and has gone above and beyond with personal touches. She treats the whole individual and has made me feel infinitely more comfortable about pregnancy and the birth experience.

Harmony is a joy to work with. She is encouraging and knows how to push without being overwhelming. She is energetic and emotionally supportive. I plan on seeing her many times in the future for additional training." 

Eve E,  January 2019

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About Me

I am a personal trainer, registered dietitian, military spouse, mother of 2, and a Fort Walton Beach native. I've lived in South Carolina, Indiana, & Northern California.  When I'm not training, I love to bake, cook, craft, re-arrange furniture, paddleboard the bayou, sip a cold IPA with my husband, make my kids giggle, and read the same book at least 100 times in a row (Here's looking at you, Cat In The Hat). 

So, how did I end up here?

My journey with perinatal exercise began when I was pregnant with my first baby. The information I found about safe exercise during pregnancy didn't seem applicable and felt largely incomplete. My OB told me simply told me to "listen" to my body. And so I did. I attended my regular boot camp and yoga until a few days before going into labor. I credit my continued prenatal fitness regimen for providing me the strength & stamina required for the

intense physical work of labor. 

I was already a personal trainer with some basic fitness tools, but I knew I couldn't be the only mom who craved more information about effective exercise for pregnancy, labor, and recovery. I dove into perinatal exercise and became a certified perinatal corrective exercise specialist. After gaining a few years experience as a general perinatal trainer, I attended a 3-day, hands-on workshop for a specialty certificate in perinatal core and pelvic floor corrective exercise.  I am fully committed to providing exceptional service to moms and moms-to-be. 

In addition to physically empowering women, I want to dispel the myth that mothers should sit by passively as the amazing (and the not-so-amazing) experiences of pregnancy happens to them. I want to encourage mothers and moms-to-be to understand and actively participate in the changes of their dynamic pre- and postnatal bodies. A healthy mind + body connection can positively alter the course at any stage of motherhood. 

Our memories of motherhood shouldn't be based on peed pants (ours), achy backs (ours) and tight pants (also ours), but rather moments of strength, joy & vibrance.


NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Fit For Birth Corrective Exercise Specialist 

Pre-and Postnatal Diastasis & Core Specialist

B.S. Nutrition & Dietetics

Registered Dietitian

CPR + AED certified

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